Keeping Students Healthy

Keeping Students Healthy
Posted on 01/29/2024
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The goal of the school nurse is to maximize your child’s potential to learn and grow by providing a climate of health and well-being. Your nurse is always willing to listen to any concerns regarding your child’s health.

Please do not hesitate to call Nurse Cailin with questions or concerns at 617-984-8928 or email [email protected].

When to Keep Your child Home From School:

A child, who feels very ill, is too uncomfortable to learn. Your child cannot attend school when experiencing the following:

  • A fever, 100 degrees or higher, within 24 hours of school. Do not give your child medication in the morning for an elevated temperature and then send them to school. A fever signifies illness and should be treated as such with rest, fluids and Tylenol.

  • Vomiting or loose stools within 24 hours of school. • A cough that keeps your child awake, is painful or excessive and uncontrolled.

  • A sore throat for 24 hours, especially with swollen glands or fever. If your child has been diagnosed with strep throat, they must remain home for at least 24 hours after they start antibiotic treatment.

  • A suspicious rash or eye drainage should be evaluated by your child’s doctor before coming to school.

  • Lice needs to be successfully treated before returning to school. To allow for surveillance of contagious illnesses, notify your school nurse if your child has been diagnosed with the following: Covid19, Strep Throat, Pertussis (“Whooping Cough”), Conjunctivitis, Impetigo, Scabies, MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus), Lice, Fifth Disease, Influenza (the flu), or other contagious illnesses.